Before jumping into traveling posts, we recently discovered a little (not so) hidden gem in Brunei. So I don't know about you guys but there has been this mini coconut flavored food hype going on lately and I think it started with the coconut ice cream stall in Bangkok which I mentioned here.

So this little gem is located (for once) in Kuala Belait (I say for once, because most of these nice home-based stalls/restaurants are usually based in Bandar hahaha)

It's located at the junction inbetween the new KB post office HQ and the Arabic School and you just drive straight ahead and let the banners guide you, it'll be on your left hand side. It's not hard to spot the place but there's no proper parking considering the fact that it is someone's house so you can go ahead and park at the roadside just make sure you're not blocking incoming traffic. 

First and foremost before continuing, let me tell you that I had this ice cream (in different versions) three days in a row before finally deciding to blog about it. 

From the title, you know that they specialize in coconut ice cream. It comes in cone, cup, sandwich or in a literal coconut. They also have coconut milkshake in 2 sizes and this thing called "nasi pekapao" but I'm not sure what it is. 

You get to choose 1 or 3 free toppings depending on what type of ice cream serving you order. The topping choices are:
  1. Shredded coconut
  2. Kuih Sapit flakes (kuih sapit is like this crispy Asian rolled up crepes)
  3. Nestum flakes
  4. Crushed peanuts
  5. Corn
Also, there's drizzles to choose from if you'd like:
  1. Chocolate
  2. Caramel
  3. Wheatgrass

So this costs BND$1 and what I really love about it is the fact that they use good wafer cones and not the cheap airy ice cream cones (no hate to people who like the airy ones though, each to his own), this one comes with one free topping. My personal favorite is the kuih sapit flakes.  

So the first time I tried this homemade ice cream, I had it between two buns and topped with shredded coconut, nestum flakes and kuih sapit flakes. It was glorious and costed me BND$3. I think it's worth the price to be honest, as there was 3 scoops of ice cream which made it really filling and satisfying. 

The one in the cup comes with 3 scoops of ice cream as well, along with 3 free toppings and it also costs BND$3. It's definitely easier to eat while in the car or walking.

This one comes inside a legit half coconut but it's BND$1 more expensive for the same amount of ice cream and toppings. Personally I wouldn't order this usually cause it's a little inconvenient to actually eat it in the car or eat it while walking around but did so just this one time. I guess you could order it for a gram worthy photo (and clearly mine is sort of melted from the heat during the drive from the place to my house but it did look a lot better and more appetizing before melting.)

I know that they're experimenting with different ice cream flavors in relation to respective fruit seasons like it's currently durian season and the owner told me that there's going to be durian ice cream coming up soon!

I like it, really. Also, the fact that it's the first (which I know about anyway) in Brunei makes it a big plus as well. And how it's based in KB is an even bigger plus for our sleepy little town. 


So this map is an approximation of where the place is, just follow the directions and it'll lead you to the road it's located and from there you really can't miss it; the stall will be on your left hand side!

  • Opening Hours: 1000-2200 | Monday-Sunday
  • Address: Jalan Dipa Negara, Mumong, Kuala Belait
  • Tel: +673 885 6516 | Whatsapp/Call
  • Instagram

Please note that none of this is sponsored and I paid for everything I ordered in full amount. 

See ya in the next post!


  1. TQ for these recommendations! Do more Brunei ones :)


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