Refurbished from what used to be an old train station, Talad Rod Fai is home to many vintage good ranging from coins to vehicles to giant clocks, oddities, both new and pre-loved items, and many quirky cafes! 

You'll know you're in the right place when you see this giant ship right at the entrance!
An entire row of vintage Vespas lining up!
Vintage Volkswagen pick-up truck.
Different types of kids' toys.
I am legit so in love with every single thing here, even if you're not going to purchase anything, it's still such a lovely place to visit and kick back at. Everything that you figured was obsolete, can most probably be found here! The entire time I was here, ti felt like I was on a really long episode of "The Pickers" (in the best way possible!)

Picl-up truck converted to sell all sorts of sunnies & glasses
Pick-up truck converted to sell halal burgers.

The one thing that always draws me back to Bangkok is how they're so creative with the space they're given. They make the full use out of everything and anything! Also, their graffiti is so beautiful!

When I mean they have everything you'd like to find, I literally mean they have EVERYTHING you'd like to find! From old gas pumps ...

to fulfilling your 90's badge obsession...

to vintage paper wall-art

and gigantic clocks if you fancy them (I realize that this is a terrible comparison and it doesn't show you properly how big that clock actually is but it stood about 2.5m in height, now that is one BIG clock!)

If you're a dedicated bottle collector...

or maybe would like to get yourself some chemistry sets?

or vintage leather couches and armchairs to fancy up your study room..

Be it an avid Coca Cola or Shell fan, Rod Fai provides you with some of the best -preserved vintage signs you cna find. Also, see the glass box filled with sweaters? Yes, those are for sale too!

Vintage gas canisters and oil lamp

I think I've mentioned this before, but another thing about Bangkok I really really love is their tolerance for dogs. They're everywhere and unafraid of people (showing that they're not mistreated by human beings there as an abused dog would usually scramble to get away from you or have their guards up very high)

This is the resident pupper who has eyebrows drawn on for him, he roams Rod Fai freely, I forgot his name but if you're curious about the name and want to find out, just ask the friendly security guards that are roaming around keeping everyone in check.

Meet Coco, Beagle to one of the stall owners; full of love and super smiley, he likes scratches on his back and behind his ear. 11/10 must pet if you see him!

But Rod Fai isn't all just hand-me-downs, there's also new and modern items up for grabs right here in this lovely night market!

Aside from the passing drizzle when we were there, the ambience is really lovely and relaxing. You can see people of all ages here, listening to live bands, or shopping, because as we all know, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Metal teapots and potty pots!

The price is fairly cheap. Take these socks for example, they cost 100 Baht for 3 pairs of your picking which is about 3BND for 3 pairs? I mean, if that's not a complete steal, I don't know what is to be honest.

There's also pets for sale, unfortunately I couldn't give them a warm home as it'd be a problem to fly them back to Brunei, so we had to bid farewell to each other.

There's this shop that I particularly LOVED, it was entirely dedicated to vintage cameras and modern Fujifilm Instax. I wanted to get my hands on all of them so bad!

Aside from oddities and goods, Bangkok isn't Bangkok without AMAZING food! I mean come on, look how delicious these fried drumsticks are, not to mention 10 Baht (0.30BND) for one? Let me just get 10 at that!

We had freshly made pizza at one of the stalls, and like each and everytime, Bangkok food does not fail to make your tummy happy.

Tomato and Cheese (L) |  Al-Funghi (TR) | Giant Onion Rings (BR)
Chicken Quesadillas and Chips with Salsa (B) | Yum Woon Sen aka Thai Glass Noodle Salad (T)
Still can't get over being able to add in 360 views of the places! Apologies for the colour not being so appealing but I swear it looks so vibrant in real life.


    • Opening Hours: 17:00-01:00 | Thursday-Sunday
    • LocationSoi Srinakarin 51, Srinakarin Rd, Bangkok 10250
    • MRT Udom Suk / On Nut and transfer via taxi


    1. Hi, nice post and pics.

      But the pics are not from the Ratchada Rod Fai market. You went to the Srinakarin Talad Rod Fai.
      The Ratchada at the Thailand Cultural Centre is also known as Talad Rod Fai 2. The 1st one is the one in your post. Both are totally different place and may mislead your readers and end up with disappointment, angry girlfriends/wives, tired boyfriends/husbands and very happy taxi drivers. Hehe. Though the one in Thailand Cultural Centre has its own charm and more "Thai/local orientated market stalls". Just to let you and your readers know. :)

      Source: I went to both at the insistence of shopaholics lol...

      1. omg, so so sorry for the mistake,but thank you so much for correcting me on it!

    2. Replies
      1. she was!! she was nuzzling against me, like as if I've known her for years, guess it is in most beagles' friendly nature


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