No it isn't a Korean themed village nor is it dedicated to K-pop. It is apparently Bangkok's first ever community mall. Truth to be told, I didn't get to explore much cause we were rushing around, albeit I was able to take a few shots here and there around the vicinity. 

There were stalls setup around the compound selling handmade items, trinkets, clothes and etc.
Here, we have a little cacti and succulent heaven, selling all sorts of variations, some which I've never seen before either so it was pretty fascinating. I would've bought some (kidding, I would've bought the entire lot if I could), but unfortunately saved myself the heartbreak and let it go since I wouldn't be able to bring them back to my homeland anyway.
In the heart of K-Village were bouncers and kiddy games. Other thing such as face painting and free balloons were also available so it is definitely safe to say that this is a very family friendly area.

Pro-tip: this is a dog-friendly area (which in my opinion, is the BEST part of it all)! I witnessed these two owners getting their leashes tangled up because the dogs were spinning in circles around each other.
There's also designated dog toilets and complimentary baggies to clean up after your furry babies afterwards. It's great because this not only encourages people to bring their dogs but also keep the place clean. 
No jokes when I say that there is so much love and tolerance for dogs here even the waitress brings your dog a bowl of water while it's playing around with other dogs! You can see dog owners bringing their furry babies out to grab a cup of tea with friends at the cafe, absorbing in the ambiance and laid back atmosphere. 
K-village has an array of shops, restaurants of different tastes be it French Korean, Italian, Japanese etc. The ground floor also has a "Gourmet Market" (the same one I talked about in one of my previous post when I visited Emquartier). I think I didn't visit on the right day/time as many of the shops were already closed so instead this post will focus more on the little Japanese restaurant we went to that was located inside of K Village called "Mekiki No Gingi; 目利きの銀次". Apparently it's a popular izakaya franchise straight from Okinawa, Japan with amazing decor and a lot of courteous loud shouting for when customers enter or leave the restaurant.
Stepping into the restaurant, you are greeted by a sharp Japanese sense with the staff greeting you as you enter. You can opt for a giant wooden sake holder as your table or if you prefer seeing the chef in action, there's also seats by the open concept kitchen.
There's a complimentary salad bar that's available for every a la carte order and I had two rounds of it. Everything was really fresh and crisp so it was a 5/5 for me.
 We also ordered an array of items from the menu, mainly sashimi and salmon based dishes. The presentation was definitely spot on, taste-wise it was still pretty good, solid 7.5/10 
The sashimi we had was quite fresh compared to the ones I get back home;
and the particular dish I really really enjoyed was the fire scallops and needle mushrooms. The staff would light the plate on fire right after serving it to you.
Here's a little GIF of the restaurant along with the staff receiving a pep talk!

K-VILLAGE details:
  • open from 1000 to 2200
  • address: 93,95 Sukumvit 26, Bangkok 
  • +66 02 258 9919
  • note that individual stores have different opening & closing times so best to contact the store beforehand if you're going there for a specific shop
  • K-Village website


Mekiki No Gingi; 目利きの銀次 details:

  • opens from 1100 to 1500 and 1700 to 0100
  • address: Unit No. A114-A115, Floor 1F
  • +66 02 661 3840
  • price range: $$-$$$
  • Mekiki No Gingi page



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