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Before my 2nd semester of university started, I took a 5 days 4 nights trip to Bangkok, Thailand. And the Thai people live up to its nickname, land of the smiles. This is my third trip to the same city but with every single visit, there always seems to be something new to explore. 

It was a 2 and a half hour flight from Bandar Seri Begawan via RBA to Bangkok's International airport. Aside from this little cutie who sat in front of me, the rest of the flight consisted of eating, playing tap tap dash on the iPad and lots of napping. Upon arrival, we sorted out our Thailand mobile lines, they're these lines made especially for tourists and they cost 299baht (which is around $12 BND) with a package of 1.5Gb for 1 week at 4G/LTE then hopped onto our pre-booked van and headed to our condo booked using Airbnb.

Pondering about life and deep stuff
Photos don't do it justice but her eyes were the deepest blue
It is my 1st time using Airbnb's service and all in all, I was pretty impressed with the place. Our apartment was a 2 bed 2 baths and was up on the 24th floor, so needless to say, the view was pretty damn spectacular. It also came with a dry kitchen and a washing machine. I opted for the add-on floor mattress right next to the big ass window overlooking Phra Kanong, Bangkok and I am not kidding when I tell you the city lights (especially at night) were so breathtaking. The exterior isn't any lacking as well, very picturesque and serene and just a 4 minutes walk to the BTS (thank god, because I didn't pack sneakers). The surrounding was littered with shops and stalls as it is everywhere else in the city. 

Here, 7/11 or 24-hr Family marts are filled with the oddest things, case in point: pink century eggs, packaged insects and whole frozen hamburgers (probably not so odd for them but pretty odd for someone who grew up in a small town where sometimes we have trouble purchasing eggs in local supermarkets). 

Normal eggs. Salted eggs. Century Eggs.
What more could you possibly ask for?
We all know Ǜber, another similar app which can be used here is called the GrabApp, exact same concept but instead of tapping in your credit card details, you pay cash upfront. Personal opinion but sometimes the Skytrain (BTS) is much more convenient but anyway, we booked a Premium Grabcar because it's supposedly more spacious, turns out it was a Toyota Camry, still not too bad of course, to Emquartier and headed straight for it's food court which is very serene and zen-like and aesthetically pleasing with the flora present.

First stop was a quick meal at Teraoka gyoza, which I thought was Steve Aoki's restaurant but apparently turned out to be Teraoka Yuichi, a gyoza master, whom, may I add is a 7 times winning Gyozas making champion. Indulged in grilled(?) pork and 2 different types of gyoza, regular and another with mentaiko cheese spread all over. 

Dessert consisted of Japan's famous BAKE gooey and soft and melt-in-your-mouth cheese tarts which is an 11/10 (for me anyway because of my undying love for all things cheesy), coconut ice cream, and another round of cheese tarts (these were more like cold japanese cotton cheesecakes, so I personally preferred the first one).


 A big part of the ground floor at Emquartier is dedicated to a supermarket known as "Gourmet Market" and never in my life, have I EVER been so impressed with a supermarket. From the service to the variety to the design and layout of the products and counters, even the testers were impressive! They had a fresh oyster bar, the biggest variety of cheeses, hams & olive oils I've ever seen.

Square watermelon in real life!
Array of olive oils
Beef section!

So fancy they use wine and pearls as part of the decors

Fresh fish and all sort of different cuts

Supposedly one of the best pork leg there is?
An entire wall dedicated to Pink Himalayan Salt
Sea grape testers, funny lil' things
Fresh oyster bar!
Tea testers

After ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the supermarket, we had a quick stroll around the food area and then walked around the entire Emquartier which was split into The Glass Quarter, The Waterfall Quarter and The Helix Quarter. The top floor was dedicated to Thailand's very own designer items & clothings, then the other shops were the generic branded stores (e.g: Chanel, Prada, H&M, etc etc.) which isn't really my cup of tea, but hey, everyone has a different taste palette so maybe it's your shindig! There was this area called the Water Garden, I think it's somewhat like an outdoor lounge, which is quite enjoyed!

On the BTS ride from Emquartier to The Commons, looking at the people around me makes me remember something I read recently: "When you and everyone around you are immersed in one small community, it is easy to mistake it for the whole world. But once you break away, you realize that no one outside your tiny circle gives a shit about the stupid stuff that was at the center of your little world. When you understand that, you discover there is a much bigger, better world out there."

The Commons is this fancy, hipster block comprising of different restaurants. The food was decently priced and of good quality. I opted for Italian, Mexican and some alcoholic strawberry lemonade to wash everything down and basked in the relaxing atmosphere with some live music.

The night ended with falling asleep while counting how many 
motorcyclists there is at 1am (there was 52) but not before a well-deserved foot massage after stuffing ourselves and meeting a beagle guard dog policing the entrance to a private parking on the way to the massage parlor.

Stay tuned for Bangkok pt. II !




  1. Hi Obel! How much do you pay for the apartment? And btw you should try staying in Baiyoke Sky Hotel. The view is also breathtaking! I stayed there last month #worthit

    1. Hello! I think overall it was around 350++ BND, we took this one because it could accomodate more people, you can check out airbnb for more options as well!

  2. hello, I'm from Thailand and it makes me happy to see people like you loving and enjoying our countries, you take great shots, can't wait for part 2 (:

    1. Sorry, I thought I replied to your comment but apparently made an entirely separate one. But anyways, thank you! I've already finished writing and editing, just some minor touch ups here and there, hopefully will be up by tonight!


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