The first three words at the tip of your tongue and at the top of your mind when you say "Chatuchak Market" is: Hot, humid and crowded; 

so do yourself a favor and wear your loosest, most breeziest clothes and probably tie up your hair too while you're at it (and take a squad goal photo if your heart pleases).

Easiest way to avoid the Bangkok traffic and also the most convenient is to come here via BTS.
 First thing's first (I'm the realest, jk), breakfast!
Known otherwise as "JJ Market", it is famously known for being the largest weekend market in the world, but not everybody knows that it's home to one of the best mango sticky rice (in my opinion anyway) and fresh coconut ice cream as well.

Don't bother over-eating at any specific stall because there will be all sorts of street food you could stuff yourself with to your heart's content. It isn't necessary to actually bring your own water (unless you're very finicky), because there's stalls selling freshly squeezed juices, and also, bottled water can be bought at every corner and so on and so forth.

I have come to realize that Thai people have the talent of turning even the smallest space into a place that is very chic and stylish, the amount of attention they pay into details. You'd expect a market to just be tables and their products laid out everywhere but these people put in the time and effort to make use of the space they’re given and make it as attractive as possible, maybe it's due to the competitiveness but regardless, it's definitely home to some of loveliest interior designs I've seen.
The market is separated into areas dedicated to different type of products selling all sort of clothes, religious artifacts, plants and etc. 
My favourite was the pet area! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have liked as most of the shops had "no photos" signs hung up (which I would've have rebelled against but the) store owners standing around or looking out the glass walls. They sold all sorts of animals from raccoon dogs to finger monkeys to ferrets and also all the accessories there were such a steal! (I bought 2 containers of yoghurt drop treats and a bowl for my sugar baby for 50 baht total, around $2 BND). Aside from the excitement and cuteness, it was slightly heartbreaking and sad to see that some of the animals were not taken good enough care of (i.e: lack of space, hygiene and the right living conditions).
Over the years, I've seen the prices rise up slowly in Chatuchak, albeit not as good for the tourist, at least it means that their economy is growing to be a better one (good for you, thailand!) Regardless, it is definitely one of the must-visit places if you're ever in the area.

Open on: 

  • Saturday & Sundays 0900-1800
  • Friday 0600-0000

Best time to go: Weekends in the early morning to avoid the afternoon sun

How to get there:

  • BTS: buy a ticket for the station Mo Chit and follow the crowd and walk approximately 5 min the destination
  • MRT: take the MRT to Chatuchak MRT Station and it's also an apprixmate 5 min walk to destination
  • Taxis, Grabcars, Tuk tuk are fine too, but personally the BTW & MRT are easier to avoid traffic

To do:
  • wear super comfy clothes
  • always bargain and bargain hard!
  • sunglasses and lather up the sunblock because Bangkok heat is unforgiving
  • wear your backpack in front for safety reasons (also to avoid getting scolded by the tourist police for not being cautious enough, lmao first hand experience)
  • keep your phone in front of you/in your backpack and NOT in your backpocket to avoid pick pocketting 
  • cash and not card
  • stay hydrated!
  • don't spend all yout stomach space on one stall because Chatuchak is home to over 500 food stalls
  • get map from tourist information if it's your first time or  if you're looking for something specific, otherwise just wander around, that's cool too
Here's a mini GIF clip of a part of the market!


  1. i LOVE your blog, please post more! I redirected here from your original blog btw, love that one too <3

    1. Thank you, I'm sorry I didn't see this comment earlier!

  2. Do you know if you're able to bulk buy from Chatuchak, I'd really love to get my goods from there to sell in my shop!

    1. Yeah you're able to, because that's where a lot of people I know get their stock :)

  3. YOUR BODY IS GOALS! What exercises do you do??? Do you go on strict diet?

    1. hahaha thank you, I've always been relatively active in exercising so I guess it's a mix of everything? I do lots of running and target exercise mainly. I also go for swimming and circuits. And no, I never go on diets. I like to indulge in what I'm craving but at the same time eat healthy when I can as well :)


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